Do You Have A geotechnical, geological, survey Project (dam, highway, road, plaza) We Can Help With?

Subsurface investigations

  • Drilling and coring of Boreholes in Soil and Rocks

  • Collection of disturbed samples

  • Collection of undisturbed samples

  • Performing Standard Penetration Tests (SPT)

  • Performing Cone Penetration Tests (CPT)

  • Permeability test
    • Constant Head Permeability Test

    • Falling Head Permeability Test

    • Rising Head Permeability Test

    • Water Pressure Test

  • Observation of Ground Water Table

  • Borehole Logging

  • Test Pit excavation and logging

  • Field Density Test

  • Core drilling

  • Grouting

  • Electrical Resistivity Survey for the evaluation of thickness of overburden material and Ground Water Table.

  • Seismic Refraction Survey (can be arranged)